Vision Board Restyle - Workshop by Shauna VanBogart

The next Vision Board Restyle begins on May 15th.



Vision boards — beautiful magazine clippings & inspiration affirmations/quotes pinned to a board above your desk — DON’T WORK. At least in terms of consistently manifesting your big desires in life and business and that includes surpassing those revenue milestones you've been working so hard to hit. 

Traditional vision boards are beautiful and inspiring to look at but inconsistent at best when it comes to using it as a tool to hit a million dollars in your business, get the book deal, or manifest your dream home. 


The Vision Board Restyle offers a totally innovative upgrade that packs a bigger punch. A process and a tool that actually has the potential to get you what you want by transforming you from the inside out as you interact with your upgraded vision board daily.

"Working with Shauna has opened up some serious infinite abundance realizations for me." - Jessica Marshall

"Giant GIANT A-HAs for me. I am so thrilled I took this class. Thanks, Shauna <3" - Chris-Anne Donnelly

"Literally the minute you finished the first training, I was thinking, "Ugh - I need to get back to work." And then a sale popped in my inbox for $497 and I realized, "No, I don't. I am exactly where I need to be right now ... Going to spend more time on our homework because I know sales are coming in vs getting 'back to work'" - Jocelyn Pearson

If you're a person who ...

  • Believes mindset combined with taking action is fundamental to success in life  
  • Knows you have the power to attract the things you want, including your ideal clients or the 100k product launch, but haven’t yet figured out how to tap into it  
  • Is okay with "the woo" but finds a lot of it too "fluffy" or pie-in-the-sky
  • Has witnessed some miracles in your life and have had some neat experiences with manifesting things but ready to go to a whole new level of attracting your desires  
  • Wants REAL and PRACTICAL tools that get big results, not just affirmations you write on the bathroom mirror  

Then you've found your way here for a reason. Trust your intuition and universal hunches and get yourself into this 7-Day Vision Board Restyle.

"I have been LOVING this so much. Just by starting my book, I have felt a shift and less stress than I had before starting. I feel like things are really happening." - Charity Murphy

vision board restyle

Some of the things we’ll learn together starting May 15th:

  • Get my "BeDoRe 2.0 Attraction Formula" and instructions for implementing it into your business. <-- This is the real gold!

  • Discover your real self-sabotage getting in the way of your success and happiness. <-- Get the clearest you've been on exactly what's getting in your own way.

  • Learn my "Get Light, Take Flight" method of living your best life. <-- Most self-help gurus are only giving you 50% of the solution. Not here!

  • Create your Primer Book: your upgraded vision board and portable resource designed for daily use to keep you rooted in the identity of the person who gets what they want in life. <-- This is your new sacred business tool!

  • Embrace your new identity and series of habits to stay in the zone of attracting and manifesting. <-- Eliminate 80% of your energy, time and money drains. 

HOW IT WORKS: The Vision Board Restyle is 7 days of virtual training delivered via live* stream in a pop-up private Facebook group. While you’ll have access to the recordings until May 31st, it is highly recommended by both your teacher and more than 200 alumni that you participate as it's happening live and don't fall behind. Make it a priority to get the best results. 

LIVE SUPPORT: You’re not in this alone! Since we’ll be live you’ll have the chance to ask all your questions, engage with other workshop attendees, get feedback. You’ll be surprised how many shared and similar resonating thoughts come up as we all work together towards our highest selves.  

START DATE: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 4:00 p.m.  

INVESTMENT: Approximately 5-7 hours spread out over the 7 days, and a one-time payment of $67.  

REGISTER: Registration for the next Vision Board Restyle opens early May. The waitlist gets first dibs on spots, so get on the list to be the first to signup!  

DISCLAIMER: This workshop sold out in its first two rounds. Once the seats are filled, I won’t be opening up availability till later this year.

If you’re ready and willing to …

  •  Pump the breaks on self-sabotage and perfectionism.
  •  Take a chance to think and feel differently.
  •  Dig down deep to examine the limiting beliefs and subconscious stories playing on repeat.
  •  Do a little tango with your woo-woo side and your practical side. 

Then get on the waitlist because you're about to go to your highest level of thinking, doing, and being yet.


"I use my book every day. EVERY. DAY. I loved this course and really found so much value in this incredible course! If you are on the fence...DO IT!" - Libby Williams  

Your Vision Board Restylist - Shauna VanBogart

Hello! SVB here … recovering perfectionist, speaker, and intuitive biz coach for high-performing entrepreneurs. I’ve been working in the field of transformation and business strategy for over a decade, helping thousands of individuals get out of their own way so they can show up in this world to have the greatest impact with their audience.  

A big part of my work involves showing you how to become the person who gets what they want and moving you from your current circumstances to your ideal circumstances all by evolving your identity and matching that with aligned strategic action. Depth through practicality I like to say.  

I’ve been described as direct yet compassionate, meeting you where you’re at while giving you the encouraging push you’ve been needing to move the needle in your life and business. I'm here to be your truth-teller and your cheerleader, your guide and your accountability-holder.  

The Vision Board Restyle workshop was founded after using the process myself and then with clients for years. Previous students have gone on to manifest things like private islands, their dream puppy, unexpected vacations, and thousands of dollars in new revenue but more significantly, increased joy in their business and a sense of overall momentum and ease with their work and life.

It's time to really start living your best life.  

Join us starting May 15th for the Vision Board Restyle workshop. The waitlist is now open.